Compost Hamster Bedding in a Worm Bin Adding African Nightcrawlers 8/19/2021

After having the wet bedding sit for 20 days it is time to add the worms. I held a vote in my first video and the African Nightcrawlers (ANC) worms won so we will be using those to compost the hamster materials of aspen shavings and cardboard bedding!

Buy Worms Here
◾ Meme’s Worms (affiliate link)

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Fruit Fly Killers/Preventers
◾POWBUZZ Bug Zapper –
◾ Mosquito Dunks
◾ Sticky Fly Trap
◾ Bug Zapper Bulb
◾ Mosquito Bits Bti
◾ Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade
Worm Bin Items
◾ Bus Boy Tub
◾ Pine Shavings
◾ Blue Tarp
◾ 10 Gallon Tote (Brute version)
◾ Waterproof gloves
◾ Chapin Sprayer
◾ KN95 Masks
◾ Folding Utility Knife
◾ 100 Pack Utility Knife Blades
Bokashi Items
◾ Bokashi Brother Bran
◾ 5 Gallon Bucket and Gamma Seal Lid
Worm Bag Systems
◾ Urban Worm Bag (affiliate link)
◾ Vermibag (affiliate link)

My Gear
Canon EOS 90D
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Neewer Advanced 660 LED Studio Lighting
Davinci Resolve

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If you have a computer, cell phone, or tablet check out World Community Grid and donate your computing cycles to find cures for diseases (Cancer, AIDS, TB) or help with weather patterns for Africa. Click the link below to sign up and join the World Composting group.
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